DocArk KnowledgeBase

a repository to store the information and knowledge that is used to run a modern organisation.
Keep all your knowledge in the one place

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Welcome to the Knowledgebase

The DocArk Knoledgebase is web-based software that allows you to create structured heirachical inforamtion, store files and create lists to safeguard and keep inofmation for yourself, your business or your orgaisation. Information is kept in a series of heirachical topics that you create and maintain. 

Getting Started

Fast & Flexible

DocArk Knowledgebase lets you build dynamic doumentation systems using a familiar web based treeview. Rapidly build a sophiticated powerful store of organisational knowledge covering all aspects of corporate operations policies procedures and business rules.

Preserve and Expand

Don't knowledge die

Preserve and expand your corporate knowledge. Don't let your corporate knowhow and business intelligence die when individuals resign, retire or are outsourced. DocArk provides the ongoing basis for workflows, procedures, documentation, managment and IT systems..

Web Based

In our data center or yours

You can easily integrate DocArk into your interrnal IT structure or run on our secure webhosts. Integrated with secure messageing and secure document storage.



You can access KnowledgeBase from any location that has an internect conection and a web browser. Demo...

Multiple Knowledgebases

You can create multiple knowledgebases for different purposses each with its own heirchical treeview structure. Switch between Knowledge bases from a menu, Demo...

Multiple Users

There can be any number of users. To edit, users must login and be validated for that knowledgebase. Demo...

Flexible and Easy to Use

KnowledgeBase allows you to create any number of topics that have all the properties of a web page. They can contain text images, diagrams and links. Demo...


You can topic and file descriptions to find the information you are looking for. Demo...

Public or Private

A knolwdgebase can be set to public or private. A public knowledgebase is visible o anyone on the internet or intranet. A private knownledge base is visible only to a logged in user you authenticate.  Demo...

File Storage

Each topic in a knowledgebase can have one or more files stored against it. Files can have a description which can be searched to find its purpose. File can be uploaded and downloaded Demo...

Define you own Lists

Each topi can have and associated list that is user defined. For example a list could be and address book, a task list, an inventory of parts anything you define it to be. Demo...


$AUD                           15 


KB standard is avaialbe with
* $15 per month per user
* up to 5 users
* 2Gb storage total storage
* 2Gb per month transfer
* up to 20 knowledgebases

$AUD                              25


KB Business features
* $25 per user per month
* 10gb storage per user
* 10Gb per month data transfer
* unlimited users
* unlimited knowledgebases
* dedicated database

$AUD                              55

KB Provider

Publish your own knowledge bases and charge users to subscribe
* $55 per month per KB
* 20gb storage 
* 20Gb per month data transfer
* set your own price
* billing managed for you

$ Contact Us


Enterprise systems are avaialble for unlimited Knowledgebases and unlimited users. In our data center or your organisations. Please contact us for more details


DocArk Knowledgebase

a repository to store the information and knowledge that is used to run a modern organisation.